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Bayer Healthcare Hit With More Mirena Product Defect Suits


The most recent match from plaintiff Stephanie Denise Barnett accuses Bayer of promoting Mirena within an dangerous, naturally harmful and faulty situation while promoting it to ladies being an efficient trouble-free approach to contraception. Additionally, it accuses Bayer of potential unwanted effects, particularly by declining to correctly alert consumers in to the stomach or perforate different areas and that the unit might move outside the womb.


Reader’s view: Mirena IUDs should be taken off the market


Authorized in 2000 from the U.S. Food, Mirena is just a t shaped polyethylene body having a steroid tank that produces levonorgestrel, a prescription medicine applied like a contraceptive, which Bayer stated could be left within the womb for approximately five years.


“Defendant includes a background while understating the possible security issues,” the problem stated of overstating the effectiveness of Mirena. Degree and “The character of the chance of damage linked to the style and formula of Mirena, including perforation and migration, is saturated in lighting of Mirena's supposed and reasonably expected utilization like a reversible type of contraceptive.”


Barnett states she started experiencing bleeding during September 2012 that caused her to visit a healthcare facility where physicians found that the unit had moved outside her womb and was in her stomach and had the Mirena system placed in 2008. Barnett today needs to endure a laparoscopy, the problem stated.


Barnett claims for merchandise deficiency, merchandise defect because of insufficient caution, merchandise defect in disappointment to comply with emotional damages representations and lack of range.


Bayer was struck with comparable suits in Florida and Kansas national courts. Kansas citizen Desiree Nicole Lee Johnson claimed the Mirena system moved punctured her womb and was discovered imbedded in her momentum. Florida citizen Tune Williams stated the unit moved through her fallopian tube that was right. Both females underwent surgery to truly have the products eliminated, based on their grievances.


Furthermore, at least 16 lawsuits are imminent in Nj Superior Court saying injury claims and comparable product deficiency.

Mirena nowadays, the grievances state over 2 thousand ladies in America use, and over 15 million women have utilized Mirena.

Bayer spokeswoman Rosemarie Yankees claimed Thursday the organization may strongly protect itself against these statements.